Thursday, 3 May 2018

Norway - Jotne

Hello everyone!
We want to tell you about what the song is about. In the beginning the song was supposed to be about trolls, but during the process the meaning of trolls got changed. Trolls in this song is about being different. The meaning of that is that you can look different, feel different, be different it doesn’t matter, you are perfect as you are anyway J
As a kid you can often feel different, and we want to say that it is okay to be different. People can be a little restrict to the people who are different. But here with us, you can feel free and be who you are.  
The song title Jotne is more of a creature from Norse mythology and a troll.

The process
First 7.grade on Vestbyen School got to hear the background music, made by our assistant principle, Olav Hegge Selnes. The background music didn’t have any real melody or text. After we got to hear the background music we had a brainstorming and said what the song got us to think or feel like. Then we all gave a wote to what we wanted the song to be about. What the song was going to be about was trolls. 
When the theme for the song was in place, we got divided into three groups. The groups were a melody group, text group and a media group. The text group made up the text and gave it to the melody group who made the melody and small changes on the text so the text could fit into the melody. When the song was half made we got visit, it was a musician from Namsos, Norway named Chand Torsvik. He helped us to make what we had made better and gave inspiration and learned us more.
When the song was finished, we had an audition to figure out who was going to sing solo on the verses. The singer met with another musician from Namsos, Petter Fjerdingen. He gave them feedback on the melody, and together they made the final version. We recorded the song at Rock City studio. 
The media group got together and worked on the theme of the song. They made plans for what kind of footage they wanted, and how they wanted the movie to look like. The media group took a film of the solo singers in studio. The day after the other from the class walked in groups down to the studio and recorded the chorus.
The media group finished their video, and got help from Olav Selnes to edit the movie, he has also worked as our school project manager.
This has been quite a journey, and we have really enjoied being a part of this arrangement.
Love from all of us in 7th Grade at Vestbyen school, Norway.

The lyrics in English;
I saw you, you stood there, you were afraid
Who are you, what do you want, where are you drifting?
Looked down, first afraid, turned my head away

All judgements, we wonder, what are you?
You tell, you`re from, another place
Now you lost everything, you had and are. 
It’s where you should be and it’s here
You should feel free
It’s here we want you to stay
It’s here you can feel free
You may come out and play with us
And together we stand- in-line in-line in-line in-line in-line in-line
He held your, little hand, comforting you.
You played, in the sand, before you had to leave.
You heard it; you heard the gunshots went off.

We heard how, horrifying, sad it was
And you told, you had to, say goodbye
You lost all you had and are   
Ref: It’s where you should be and it’s here ...

No one like, no one like you, but you, but you, you are perfect as you are!


  1. You have put a lot of work in this project, the text is good. I liked that you sang in Norwegian, it is a beautiful language. Much snow like in Iceland. Good luck to you.

  2. Axel from Russia3 May 2018 at 15:04

    Amazing work, great voices, great dancing and fantastic cinematography. Good luck with this excellent clip!

  3. I like your song... Bravo! Very good.
    Gonçalo Rodrigues, from Portugal

  4. A wonderful work!Good luck for the voting.
    João Valente, from Portugal.

  5. It was so interesting to read how you did it all. Usually we can see only bright outcome and the prepartion is a secret. Thank you for sharing.
    I like your song a lot, the singer sang very well, the media group did a great job. The dancer and the little raindeer (was it a raindeer) were cute.

    Good luck!
    Ingrid from Estonia

  6. It’s perfect! I liked the song, it’s meaning, white deer, dancer and voices. Congratulations! Elze, 3rd grade, Lithuania

  7. After 2 extremly hot weeks was your song with snow like fresh eiscream. And your dancing princess is gorgeous. Great vidieeo!
    Schoolovision kids from Slovakia

  8. Extremely well put together song and fantastic video. I really enjoyed every moment of it - especially the snowy scenes which were simply beautiful.
    Best of luck from Scotland!

  9. Good song and A beautiful voice good luck
    Koen from the netherlands

  10. Hudayfa from Belgium7 May 2018 at 17:51

    Great singing and dancing!Also beautiful pictures!
    Nice video!
    Kind regards from Belgium! :)

  11. Berre uit België7 May 2018 at 19:53

    Well done and fun

  12. Amazing song and good luck p.s we love your song

  13. Amazing song and snow scenes. Like it. Good luck from Slovenia

  14. helena from belgium8 May 2018 at 14:57

    good work

  15. Touching video...good luck!

  16. 6th grade Iceland9 May 2018 at 16:09

    6th grade in Iceland really likes this video. Singing is good.Good luck.

  17. 6th grade Iceland9 May 2018 at 16:13

    6th grade in Iceland really likes this video. Singing is good.Good luck.

  18. You have been working so hard to make this great video. Congratulations.
    Students from Serbia wish you good luck.