Friday, 25 May 2018

The Sky is the Limit from Iceland

Our school choir worked at the project The Sky is the Limit under the supervision of their music teacher Inga Dóra. Our school choir consists of students from the 3rd to the 6th grade and 25 students are attending weekly to sing together under the guidance of Inga Dóra. They completed the project completely with a little help from Inga Dóra. They were very enthusiastic and set their ambition to do as best they could. They really had fun doing it as you can see on their faces in the video. Nice project, thank you all for making it possible to work at it. Here is the result and enjoy.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Schoolovision partners from 2009-2018

Our Polish partner Marek has done the remarkable work to put together this map of all schools that participated in Schoolovision over the past 10 years. Have a look!

Friday, 11 May 2018

The Sky is the Limit 2018

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Schoolovision, the biggest eTwinning project of all time, we organised a project week which partners from the Basque Country, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine attended. All in all we were more than 100 people who made the journey to this special occasion in Krzyżowa, Poland.
Among the many activities during this project week we recorded a new version of our project anthem "The Sky is the Limit".


1 Turkey 180
2 Malta 166
3 Ukraine 160
4 Russia 140
5 Estonia 122
6 Spain 112
7 Basque Country 93
8 Norway 89
9 FYR Macedonia 86
10 Scotland 84
11 Austria 82
12 Iceland 81
13 Poland 48
14 Slovenia 47
15 Slovakia 45
16 Cyprus/England 40
18 Aland Islands 35
19 Germany 29
20 Greece 23
21 Serbia 22

All 32 participating countries in alphabetical order:
Åland Islands, Armenia, Austria, Basque Country, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, FYR Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine

The winners

Congratulations to our (eT)winners from Turkey!

Schoolovision's 10th anniversary project week is now over. We will all be on our way home soon. Just a quick snapshot of the Turkish and Ukrainian team celebrating together. (Steffen representing Malta in the middle. ;-)

Enjoy once more the winning entry from our Turkish partners!

Friday, 4 May 2018

Spain - Once upon a time

Dear partners:
This year, our children have contributed with lovely ideas that we have been able to record in our video. This entry has been focused on the importance of reading and helping people.
Children tales are part of our traditions from the moment we are born.We have a project in our school in which older children read to the little ones twice or three times a month and all of them love it.
As the song says, we can change the story. That´s the reason why we have changed the personality of some traditional children tales. So the evil characters are now kind. Snow White's stepmother gives apples that poison of joy and the three little pigs are very good builders of houses and buildings.
We are really happy to participate again in Schoolovision. All of us have had a lot of fun recording it.
Thanks a lot to all the people that have been involved in this beautiful project that every year succeeds in unity and illusion.
Good luck to all the countries from Gran Canaria, Spain

The Åland Islands - Sommarpsalm från Åland (Summer hymn from the Åland Islands)

The pupils in Vikingaåsens skola 4th grade proudly present their entry to Schoolovision 2018: "Sommarpsalm från Åland” (Sumer hymn from the Åland Islands)

This year we have chosen to sing a hymn from Åland a bit freely interpreted by us. The lyric describes the nature and the spirit of our island in the summertime.

We live in the Åland Islands, a beautiful archipelago situated midway between Sweden and Finland. Åland is an autonomous, demilitarized (no military allowed) and Swedish-speaking region in Finland. Åland has 29 000 inhabitants, and 11 000 of them live in the only town, Mariehamn. Åland has its very own flag. We hope you’ll enjoy watching our video as much as we enjoyed making it!

1. Nu lyser våra backar av vivans gula kalk,
nu blommar sommarns ängar av örter tusenfalt.
Och vågen blå mot röd granit och mitt i byn vår kyrka vit,
här är nu glädjens färger, här är nu glädjens färg

2. Nu sjunger varje mänska med stämma ren och klar,
från fjärdar, berg och skogar det brusar nu till svar.
Hör ejderns rop från bådans häll och näktergal i sommarkväll.
Här är nu glädjens röster, här är nu glädjens röst.

3. Nu strömmar det av värme från sol till lövad äng
och livets vatten sköljer i ljumma sommarregn.
Se svalans flykt i sunnanvind och grönskans ljus i björk och lind.
Här är nu glädjens vindar, här är nu glädjens vind.

 4. O du, min Gud, som skapat allt vackert med din hand,
jag vill så gärna vandra din stig längs livets strand.
Du räknar alla sandkorn där, för allting lika viktigt är.
Här är nu glädjens budskap, här är nu glädjens bud.

Music by Knut Grüssner and lyrics by Göran Andersson

Armenia - folk song "Ruri"

Dear Schoolovision partners, finally our song is ready. "Ruri" means lullaby. This song is an ancient Armenian folk song, but our school "Folk Band" added some new, modern notes to the song. Hope, you'll like it. With the best wishes from the almost independent Armenia.

Belgium - Unknown animal

Hi all of you music lovers,

The 45 final year pupils of Qworzó - Merksplas - Belgium our very proud to present you the Belgian entry for Schoolovision 2018.

Since it is the 10th anniversary of Schoolovision we wanted to create a song and video which would stand out because of its originality.  We hope we have succeeded...

Since Belgium is world famous for the Tomorrowland-festival, the children wanted to create a Tomorrowland-style song.  As all of our pupils love animals very much, they wanted to create a song about 3 unknown animals: the Hoopoe, the Tardigrade and the Indri, so they composed a melody.  Later on they got some help from Aaron and Paul on making the music.

In our school we think sports and 'movement brain breaks' are important, so we wanted to create a just-dance-video which you can use in your school each time you need a short 'movement brain break'. Just dance along with the dancers in this 360° video; you can look all sides so you get a real impression on how Belgium looks like and our pupils show you their talents.

Tip: watch this video on your iPad while spinning around and use your tablet as a window to the real Belgian world.

We hope you may enjoy listening to our song as much as we loved creating this music video!

Be our guest, turn up the volume and sing and dance with us!

Click the HD button to watch the video in 4K!

We want to thank Aaron and Paul for helping us with the music!

We would like it very much if you would leave us a comment!

Good luck to all in this contest!

Kind regards,

Team Belgium

Serbia - When you love

Hello to all our eTwinning partners! Happy anniversary of Schoolovision!
Our 6th grade students sing about first love. They are the authors of the lyrics. The video was shot at the top of a mountain near our city. Best wishes from Western Serbia.

Cyprus - To kokoraki (The little rooster)

Our song is called “To kokoraki”(=“The little rooster”)  and it is a well-known children’s song in Cyprus. We prepared this video during a field trip at a zoo in Cyprus and in our school yard. It is about domestic animals and the sound each of them makes (highlighted below). Are the animal sounds the same in your country?
Let’s enjoy our 10th anniversary of Schoolovision with this happy song!

When I go to the market my lady
I'll buy you a little rooster
The little rooster kikirikikiii
will be waking you up every morning

When I go to the market my lady
I'll buy you a little hen
The little hen kokoko
The little rooster kikirikikiii
will be waking you up every morning

When I go to the market my lady
I'll buy you a little cat
The little cat niaou niaou
The little hen kokoko
The little rooster kikirikikiii
will be waking you up every morning

When I go to the market my lady
I'll buy you a little dog
The little dog gaou gaou
The little cat niaou niaou
The little hen kokoko
The little rooster kikirikikiii
will be waking you up every morning

When I go to the market my lady
I'll buy you a little sheep
The little sheep bee bee
The little dog gaou gaou
The little cat niaou niaou
The little hen kokoko
The little rooster kikirikikiii

will be waking you up every morning (x2)

the Netherlands - World Journey

At the end of Primary School, our students are ready for their journey through life. This song is about that journey. It's a song from our traditional end-of-year musical production. Almost every Dutch primary school performs a musical starring their eighth graders. As before, everything was done by the students themselves. Choreography, editing, even translating the song for the subtitles!

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Slovakia - Sneaky Sneakers

While the song itself was finished a few weeks ago, with the video it was harder :-)

I have seen ten versions in last three days and I really thought about publishing two or three of them. So many ideas for too little time! Here we are at last and we hope you will like it :-) (Steffen has already sent you voting sheets, but don't forget about the late comers :-D)

The lyrics were brainstormed by two classes of our school. Pianist Ján Lauko from our local art school then wrote the music. Not so easy to sing! However, I believe that he and the sound master got the best from our kids.

The song is about the trainers, which got angry because they had different colour shoe laces. They look at each other with envy and both want to run different way. The singers think it is really silly. You live only once so what for is the quarrel? Don't spoil your day and show your real face!

You can see that the text is not only about the shoes...

Happy Annivarsary and Good Luck, dear Schoolovisionairs :-)

Turkey - Riddle (Bilmece)

Happy 10th Anniversary All Dear Schoolovisioners!!! We are very happy and excited to share our song with you for the third time. But this time we have a nice and easy RIDDLE for you... You need to watch it till the end to find the solution  ;)

Good luck to all Schoolovisioners! 

I have a nice and easy riddle for you
which has two syllables...

It's both fine and mighty,
gives lives to all blossoms,
so sweet like a candy,
salves all the pains,
dawns warmly into the hearts, 
bears no resemblances to other flowers...

Guess what my riddle is?

If it is so mighty, an ANGEL?
If it is so hot, the SUN?
A COMB full of honey?
A FLOWER, blossoms a long way away,
fades in the autumn and smells fragrantly?

An ANGEL? It is NOT!
It has no wings, it doesn't fly...
The SUN? It is NOT! 
It is warm but doesn't burn...
It's like a flower but doesn't fade
NO!   NOT!

If NOT, what is your riddle?


I have a nice and easy riddle for you
which has two syllables...

It's both fine and mighty,
gives lives to all blossoms,
so sweet like a candy,
salves all the pains,
dawns warmly into the hearts, 
bears no resemblances to other flowers...

Guess what my riddle is?

If it is so mighty, an ANGEL?
If it is so hot, the SUN?
A COMB full of honey?
A FLOWER, blossoms a long way away,
fades in the autumn and smells fragrantly?

An ANGEL? It is NOT!
It has no wings, it doesn't fly...
The SUN? It is NOT! 
It is warm but doesn't burn...
It's like a flower but doesn't fade
NO!   NOT!

If NOT, your riddle???


Sure! It has no wings, it doesn't fly.
It's warm like the sun, but it doesn't burn.
It's not a flower.
It's like a flower, but it doesn't fade.
It's not an angel.

This riddle is only...


Norway - Jotne

Hello everyone!
We want to tell you about what the song is about. In the beginning the song was supposed to be about trolls, but during the process the meaning of trolls got changed. Trolls in this song is about being different. The meaning of that is that you can look different, feel different, be different it doesn’t matter, you are perfect as you are anyway J
As a kid you can often feel different, and we want to say that it is okay to be different. People can be a little restrict to the people who are different. But here with us, you can feel free and be who you are.  
The song title Jotne is more of a creature from Norse mythology and a troll.

The process
First 7.grade on Vestbyen School got to hear the background music, made by our assistant principle, Olav Hegge Selnes. The background music didn’t have any real melody or text. After we got to hear the background music we had a brainstorming and said what the song got us to think or feel like. Then we all gave a wote to what we wanted the song to be about. What the song was going to be about was trolls. 
When the theme for the song was in place, we got divided into three groups. The groups were a melody group, text group and a media group. The text group made up the text and gave it to the melody group who made the melody and small changes on the text so the text could fit into the melody. When the song was half made we got visit, it was a musician from Namsos, Norway named Chand Torsvik. He helped us to make what we had made better and gave inspiration and learned us more.
When the song was finished, we had an audition to figure out who was going to sing solo on the verses. The singer met with another musician from Namsos, Petter Fjerdingen. He gave them feedback on the melody, and together they made the final version. We recorded the song at Rock City studio. 
The media group got together and worked on the theme of the song. They made plans for what kind of footage they wanted, and how they wanted the movie to look like. The media group took a film of the solo singers in studio. The day after the other from the class walked in groups down to the studio and recorded the chorus.
The media group finished their video, and got help from Olav Selnes to edit the movie, he has also worked as our school project manager.
This has been quite a journey, and we have really enjoied being a part of this arrangement.
Love from all of us in 7th Grade at Vestbyen school, Norway.

The lyrics in English;
I saw you, you stood there, you were afraid
Who are you, what do you want, where are you drifting?
Looked down, first afraid, turned my head away

All judgements, we wonder, what are you?
You tell, you`re from, another place
Now you lost everything, you had and are. 
It’s where you should be and it’s here
You should feel free
It’s here we want you to stay
It’s here you can feel free
You may come out and play with us
And together we stand- in-line in-line in-line in-line in-line in-line
He held your, little hand, comforting you.
You played, in the sand, before you had to leave.
You heard it; you heard the gunshots went off.

We heard how, horrifying, sad it was
And you told, you had to, say goodbye
You lost all you had and are   
Ref: It’s where you should be and it’s here ...

No one like, no one like you, but you, but you, you are perfect as you are!

France - Bubble Gum

First of all, we all wish a Happy 10th Birthday to this wonderful contest ! 
This year, we chose the Bubble Gum song. It's a cannon singing, witch is really hard for  6 to 8 year old pupils. They worked very hard to do it and we're very proud of the result.
The song is about kids chewing bubble gum at school, witch is totally forbidden !
For the first and the last time of their life, they were allowed to chew bubble gum in the classroom, and they discovered how hard it is to make bubbles !!
Enjoy !

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Greece - Lianohortaroudia

At last ... but not least... we proudly present our song for Schoolovision 2018 to you. 
It is called: Lianohortaroudia.... a difficult Greek word to say... that means 'The fields'.
The song is a remix by a Greek band that is called Koza Mostra. 
They combined the traditional Greek song from Evros area
with their rock rhythm and lyrics. 
It talks about the Greek culture and tradition through the eons and teaches 
the new generation that traditional music can make you rock too!!!
And here are the lyrics for you to sing with us.....

 Born in Greece…Wandered through time…
Through the eons…By the immigrants danced
Can you feel it…It’s the sound of the land
Can you hear it…It’s the voice of our heart

Do sta lia ki amán amán
Do sta Lianoxortaroudia
Do sta Lianoxortaroudia
Ti tranós chorós tha génei

Anyone sees me…anyone hears me
I’m dancing with you till I fall…you know
The sound that heals me, fire that burns me
Is leading the sound in my soul…hey y’all

I’m tracking the demons that lie between us
Why don’t you help me to dance instead of
Thinking the reasons and twice the treasons
You’ve suffered in land we stand

San gaïtá ki amán amán
San gaïtáni tha paaínei
San gaïtánitha paaínei
Pénte pérdikes petoúsan

Italy - Lo scriverò nel vento

Here the Italian entry for this special edition.

Our contribution comes from the Zecchino d'Oro which is an international children's song festival that has taken place every year since 1959. From 1976 the festival took on an international perspective, each year seven Italian songs and seven foreign songs are sung by children and voted for by a children's jury. It is considered part of the Italian cultural heritage This value is evidenced by the attribution, in April 2008, of the plaque of "Patrimony for a culture of peace", delivered during a ceremony organized by the UNESCO Clubs and Centers. My students have chosen one of the foreign song from the 2006 Edition, the song was written by a Turkish composer, they love the message of this song full of hope for the future. Good luck to everyone.

the refrain says:
We will all be friends
We will be a thousand voices
A chorus that singing will delete
Languages and  distances
They do not count for anything
And this world, what a world it will be!
So it will be

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

FYR Macedonia - This little heart

Our song is called “This litlle heart”, it was written by Dame Kolarovski, arrangement of Dejan Milenkovski, and the little heart with an angel voice is Angela Petrusevska.

Iceland - "Is it true?"

Our contribution was chosen in Flatóvision which is a celebration similar to Eurovision held in the school in March.  Ari Ólafsson, who is going to sing the Eurovision song for Iceland in May, came to our school to help us to find the contribution for Schoolovision 2018. The song is an old Eurovision song from 2009 that wound up in the 2nd place. The students who sing the song now are 9 years old and have lived some part of their life abroad and speak English very well. Clips in the video are taken in the school in arts and crafts lessons such as music, household, textile, construction and drawing. We also took some scenes out in the lava field that surrounds the school yard. Hope you enjoy?

Ukraine - My Dear Mother

My Dear Mother!

Lyrics and music written by Oxana Senkiv, a Canadian composer of Ukrainian origin from Montreal diaspora who wrote it as a special gift for our kids and Schoolovision 2018.

When I am at school and
when I am at home
I feel her invisible presence:
My mother surrounds me
with goodness and warmth,
She is my angel and goddess.

We strongly believe that our mothers are our guardian angels who protect us, help us, love us. Since times immemorial mother has always played an important role in the life of every Ukrainian child giving her wisdom and strength to the next generations.

My dear Mother, my guardian angel,
Please take me under your wings!
My dear Mother, with open heart
Forgive me my innocent sins.

In this song we are promoting peace, understanding, love, beauty of our land in spring and emotional mother-daughter relationships, the strongest of all parent-child bonds. The participants are wearing traditional  ancient Ukrainian outfit, typical for the central part of Ukraine.

You teach me to be nice and kind to all,
You want me to be strong and caring.
You teach me to pray and love our world,
And always be helpful and friendly!

Please, do enjoy our entry! Good luck to all the Schoolovisionals!!!
Schoolovision forever!🙂

Lithuania - Braid of folk songs

This year Lithuania celebrates a centennial of restored Lithuania.
Our song is dedicated for this aniversary and weaved from Lithuanian folk songs. Happy songs! Let's celebrate!