Friday, 4 May 2018

Belgium - Unknown animal

Hi all of you music lovers,

The 45 final year pupils of Qworzó - Merksplas - Belgium our very proud to present you the Belgian entry for Schoolovision 2018.

Since it is the 10th anniversary of Schoolovision we wanted to create a song and video which would stand out because of its originality.  We hope we have succeeded...

Since Belgium is world famous for the Tomorrowland-festival, the children wanted to create a Tomorrowland-style song.  As all of our pupils love animals very much, they wanted to create a song about 3 unknown animals: the Hoopoe, the Tardigrade and the Indri, so they composed a melody.  Later on they got some help from Aaron and Paul on making the music.

In our school we think sports and 'movement brain breaks' are important, so we wanted to create a just-dance-video which you can use in your school each time you need a short 'movement brain break'. Just dance along with the dancers in this 360° video; you can look all sides so you get a real impression on how Belgium looks like and our pupils show you their talents.

Tip: watch this video on your iPad while spinning around and use your tablet as a window to the real Belgian world.

We hope you may enjoy listening to our song as much as we loved creating this music video!

Be our guest, turn up the volume and sing and dance with us!

Click the HD button to watch the video in 4K!

We want to thank Aaron and Paul for helping us with the music!

We would like it very much if you would leave us a comment!

Good luck to all in this contest!

Kind regards,

Team Belgium


  1. 4K, 360°! This is getting crazy! But like you say, well worthy of our 10th anniversary. Later more. Just wanted to be the first to comment on this. :-)

  2. Axel from Russia4 May 2018 at 21:37

    WOW! Where is this going? This is not only 4K and 360° ... this is only ONE shot. It is extremely brave to opt for that and your dancers are so fantastic that this worked absolutely fine. Well done Belgium!

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth, Axel!
    (Ooh, suddenly I hear something humming in the back of my head. You too?)

    Anyway, yes, this was the next thing I wanted to add myself: This being a one-shot-video is an outstanding achievement. It must have taken much planning and perhaps also a bit of luck to get everything done so smoothly. Now I wonder if the horserider was part of that plan or something that just happened at the right time. Will yout tell us on Thursday in Krzyżowa, Dave?

  4. Quite astonishing! I've had to watch several times now to take it all in. It's certainly true that over the years Dave your video work has always been of the highest quality and very innovative, but wow, I never expected something like this!
    I think you took us all by surprise.
    The video is fantastic, the song is great, the whole production is fabulous.
    Well done from me and good luck!

  5. Thanks for the kind words about the video and song!

    The horeserider is Logan - a pupil from our school. He is a talented horserider and since this song is a bit about animals, he asked if he could bring his horse to 'school', which we thought was an excellent idea!

  6. A great idea to use 360° video. Now I was the person who could choose what to see. Thank you. And of course one-shot-video is another big thing. Actually we planned to use this too but it didn't work.

    Good luck!
    Ingrid from Estonia

  7. Mooie dans en mooi nummer ga zo door

    Rick from the Netherlands

  8. Trompetten waren heel leuk en het was een leuk idee met de 360° camera
    Groetjes Rebecca en milou uit Nederland

  9. Knap verzonnen en mooi gedaan!
    van Koen uit Nederland

  10. Knap verzonnen en mooi gedaan.
    Koen uit Nederland

  11. Het was een leuk dansje en origineel met de 360° camera.
    Groetjes van Manouk en Nina uit Nederland.

  12. Dave from Belgium7 May 2018 at 15:01


  13. Sverre from belgum7 May 2018 at 18:18

    Zeer goed aleen een puntje liever een betere camera maar voor de rest wel leyk gedaan

  14. Great idea....wonderful.
    Good luck from FYROM

  15. We like your idea to use 360° video. Good luck from Slovenia