Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Italy - Lo scriverò nel vento

Here the Italian entry for this special edition.

Our contribution comes from the Zecchino d'Oro which is an international children's song festival that has taken place every year since 1959. From 1976 the festival took on an international perspective, each year seven Italian songs and seven foreign songs are sung by children and voted for by a children's jury. It is considered part of the Italian cultural heritage This value is evidenced by the attribution, in April 2008, of the plaque of "Patrimony for a culture of peace", delivered during a ceremony organized by the UNESCO Clubs and Centers. My students have chosen one of the foreign song from the 2006 Edition, the song was written by a Turkish composer, they love the message of this song full of hope for the future. Good luck to everyone.

the refrain says:
We will all be friends
We will be a thousand voices
A chorus that singing will delete
Languages and  distances
They do not count for anything
And this world, what a world it will be!
So it will be


  1. Such sweet singers!
    I always enjoy seeing your entries Loredana and this year is no exception. These kids sure love waving their flags!
    Best of luck from Team Scotland.

  2. Axel from Russia3 May 2018 at 09:39

    It is great to see how the children enjoy what they are doing. A lot of care was taken to paint those beautiful backdrops. Good luck with your entry!

  3. Hi kids
    I like the meaning of the text in the melody, "we will all be friends" that is the point with our project. Beautiful paintings on the wall, I really liked them. Good luck to you.

  4. The song has a very nice message and the children are cute. Adding the flags is a good idea.

    Good luck!
    Ingrid from Estonia

  5. In bocca al lupo amici italiani. Baci dalla Grecia 🇬🇷

  6. Love the flags and your lovely singers:)
    Good luck from Austria!!!

  7. Bravissimi e in bocca al lupo!!

  8. Bravissimi ragazzi, complimenti e in bocca al lupo

  9. We will all be friends! Great!!! Good luck!!

  10. Bravissimi! È davvero un bellissimo canto dell'amicizia

  11. Complimenti e in bocca al lupo!!!

  12. Bravissimi! Complimenti e in bocca al lupo!

  13. Nice videoclip good song
    Koen from netherlands

  14. We love the flags and your sweet singers. Good luck from Slovenia