Monday, 30 April 2018

The Czech Republic - Tři čuníci

This is the Schoolovision song from a new team from the Czech Republic. Our song is called “Three pigs”, it was written by J.Nohavica a Czech singer. It is about three small animals, which set off into the world without fear and with courage and they are singing cheerfully a they want to have a good time and get to know the world. We think the joy is the key for happiness.

In the video you can see our small town and the places where we have a nice time together.

We hope you will like it and sing with us! Ui, ui, ui, ui, uiiii ...

HERE WE GO!  ...

You can find the English words of the song here.

Lined up in a row
Three small piglets go
In the mud they plod on
Through rain, sleet or snow
With no bags they go
The way they don´t  know
Setting off into the world,
singing gladly as they go

Ui, ui, ui (oink, oink) (squeal,squeal)

Left and right foot step 
Now front and the rear 
Three small piglets go, go
going together
Munching rye they go
Ears ring to and fro
Setting off into the world,
Singing gladly as they go

Ui, ui, ui, (oink, oink)

Cars are going there
Here the lorries go
Three small piglets, go, go
following their nose
Staring as they go
People do not know
For what these small piglets here are
Singing so gladly as they go

 Ui ui ui

When it starts to rain
a break in the cloud
They snuggle together
snout to little snout
In a lightning show
drops patter as they go
in the rain and in foul weather
singing gladly as they go 

Ui Ui Ui

When they´re out of breath
When their hooves are sore
They sit at a small well
high above the shore
Looking down their nose
At their splashing toes
They rest there just for a moment
and on again as they go

After many years
since the world was named
three times they crossed the globe
there and back again
Lined up in a row
Look there there they go
Let´s go along with them and sing
gladly their song as we go

Good luck everyone!



  1. Such lovely piglets:) Your singing is wonderful and the tune is very catchy. I love the puppet show:)
    In Estonian pigs sound "röh-röh" or "ruik-ruik":)

    Ui, ui, ui Good luck!
    Ingrid from Estonia

  2. Haha, Ingrid saying how pigs sound in Estonian reminds me (and will also remind some other original SV members like Marek) of the eTwinning project we did in 2008 about animal sounds, using Vokis.
    I do love this Czech entry. So, so catchy, you just can't help but sing along!
    You've done a really super job Ivana - you can all be extremely proud of this great entry!

  3. In Austria pigs sound "grunz, grunz, grunz" ;)We remember "Animal Talk" too;)
    We like your catchy song and the very nice young kids. They are perfekt singers!!
    Good luck from Austria!

  4. Innes and Fraser,scotland1 May 2018 at 15:02

    We like your song and good luck.

  5. How nice song, cute kids with their "pig"ears on their heads. I love also their surroundings, it is so different ours. Good luck to you Czech Republic.

  6. I like this pig theme song. Domantas from Lithuania.

  7. Axel from Russia2 May 2018 at 10:57

    It is lovely to see how your children happily sing this funny song and act out its content. Best of luck.

  8. Thank you very much for you comments, we are pleased.

  9. Slovakia.
    Všetky deti si vyspevovali pri Vašom videu refrén. Super zábava. Lot of fun.

  10. Nice song that brings my memory back to another etwinning project Animal talk Music is very nice. Congratulation

  11. Jarek je dobrá volba. Je známý na Slovensku i v Polsku. I když možná tento hit dnešní děti až tak naznají, takže je super, že jste ho oživili. Provedení je skvělé a v Ivanke čuníci teď fakt "jedou" :-)

  12. Beautiful keep it up

    The Nederlands (Rick)

  13. Nice song and funny pig
    Koen from the netherlands

  14. Help! Everybody in my class is singing your song! It's too catchy...
    We just love it!

  15. Very catchy song ! great job!

    Good luck from France

  16. Cis from Belguim7 May 2018 at 17:11

    funny song!

  17. Lander Van Laer from Belgium8 May 2018 at 17:06

    verry nice song !!!

  18. It was a nice and funny video. The melody and tune was very catchy. And we really liked the pigs and the flags a lot. Good luck from the Åland Islands!