Saturday, 28 April 2018

Portugal - O Tapete Mágico - The Magic Rug

Portugal’s entry: “O Tapete Mágico”- “The Magic Rug”

2018  is the European Year of Cultural Heritage, so we decided to celebrate and preserve our cultural heritage with our famous Arraiolos Rug.
As we all know, cultural heritage shapes our identities and everyday life, so it is important to preserve it and pass it on to future generations.
Arraiolos Rug is a candidate for UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Happy 10th Anniversary to all Schoolovisioners!

Good luck to all!


  1. Good luck to you too!
    And - Happy Birthday!

  2. What an absolutely fantastic video!
    I have fallen in love, once again, with Portugal, Carla and will certainly have to visit one day soon your beautiful region.
    But let's not take anything away from what is also a marvellous song too - you can be truly proud of this great entry!
    Good luck from Scotland.

  3. I knew nothing about Arraiolos Rug. Now I know:) Thank you. I enjoyed the video and your performance a lot.

    Good luck!
    Ingrid from Estonia

    1. There's much more to learn about these rugs. Apparently, there exist astonishing connections between the Arraiolos cloth patterns and Persian/Turkish ones.

    2. The Arraiolos Rugs are rugs embroidered in wool, over a jute made of cotton or linen, characteristic from the village of Arraiolos in Alentejo, Portugal.
      It brings with it part of Portugal’s history, having a big Oriental and Persian influences in its structural and decorative base, conjugated with the local embroidery knowledge, through the use of the oblique cross point, also known as “Ponto de Arraiolos”.

  4. What a pleasure to be there again with you and see all the places you showed me a few years ago.
    This city really is rich of history and culture. Thanks for sharing all of this to us through your singing, dance and music!

  5. Great! I love carpets and was always fascinated by the way carpets are woven and done. Your Magic Carpet reminded me of a favourite fairy tale known as The Flying Carpet. Good luck !

  6. Axel from Russia29 April 2018 at 22:00

    Truly magical ... brilliant idea ... very danceable tune... definitely regional ... good luck with this very creative entry.

  7. I like it. Matti Freie Schule Kassel

  8. Hi Carla,
    It's a pity we can not see you in Poland. Hope to you somewhere soon again!
    The story of the rug is very interesting as well as the song.
    Good luck!!

  9. David from Scotland4 May 2018 at 10:52

    I love it and good luck!

  10. So good i like that song good luck
    koen from de netherlands

  11. I like the song the editing was also good good work.

    Vincent From the Netherlands

  12. Nice entry !! good luck from France !

  13. Happy music and nice melody. Good luck!