Sunday, 29 April 2018

Germany - Wenn überall Land wär

Our entry for Schoolovision's anniversary edition plays with languages - also made up ones, and talks about making friends with people from around the world.

Wenn überall Land wär‘ und nirgends mehr Meer,
dann holt‘ ich mir Freunde von überall her.

Den einen vom Nordpol, den ander'n vom Nil
und einen vom Ganges, das wär‘ nicht zu viel.

Aus Hütten und Häusern, aus Zelt und Iglu.
Die Buben, die Mädchen, die nähm‘ ich dazu.

Dann springen wir alle - schwarz, weiß, groß und klein -
die Straße hinunter und laden dich ein.

If there were land everywhere and no sea anymore,
then I would bring friends from everywhere.

One from the North Pole, the other from the Nile
and one from the Ganges, that wouldn’t be too much.

From huts and houses, from tent and igloo.
The boys, the girls, I’d take them along.

Then we’ll all black, white, big and small
jump down the street and invite you, too.


  1. I watched your video in the morning and it brought spring to my mind. In Estonia we don't have leaves yet.
    In the video everybody is so happy and I love these face paitings. The song is very cheerful.
    I started to think that we all have our own signature for creating videos and we can recognize each other without knowing the country. Is it right that all German videos are shooted outdoors:)

    Good luck!
    Ingrid from Estonia

  2. Another lovely entry to enjoy from Germany! I feel like I know the area around your school very well these days, even though I haven't visited it...yet!
    I wish we had spring-like weather here. It's still cool here in Scotland, like in Estonia.
    Like Ingrid, i also really enjoyed seeing the face-paintings and seeing how a cheerful song has the ability to bring us all together.
    Good luck from Scotland!

  3. Kayleigh Johnson, England30 April 2018 at 19:25

    A wonderful entry! I loved the inclusion of flags and countries. This project truly unites children across the globe. You should be very proud. Good luck for voting!

  4. Mrs Chandarana England1 May 2018 at 15:57

    We liked watching your entry Germany and loved the inclusion of different flags and countries.

  5. Axel from Russia2 May 2018 at 10:51

    Friendly, happy children inviting us to a sunny welcoming spring in Germany ... fantastic entry, well done and the best of luck.

  6. Good Luck!
    Gonçalo Rodrigues, from Portugal

  7. Well done Germany!
    I loved your song!
    Good luck in the competition
    Carolina, from Portugal

  8. You have spring - we have snow. I sure would have liked to dance with you kids, you have a wonderful nature and your song is so happy. I didn't see the Icelandic flag, but it must have been somewhere in the back?

  9. We love your video! It makes us so happy and we love to sing with you!
    It´s an "earworm";)
    Good luck from Austria!

  10. A lovely entry so good Nice song
    Koen from de netherlands

  11. Good and beautiful video clip.
    It makes me happy.
    Super Nice song.

    Netherlands from Iris, Marit and Annabel

  12. Nice song an video, we love it !
    Good luck from France !

  13. Very cool video....colorful...We enjoyed much! Good luck!

  14. We enjoyed it and liked the song's message. The video was cool and you had nice face paintings. Good luck from the Ålands Islands

  15. Beautiful colorful video! We like it very much.
    Students from Serbia wish you good luck.

  16. Nós adoramos a música e o vídeo. Boa sorte!!!! Lembranças da Freie Schule Kassel-Alemanha